What Services I Offer

I specialize in completing comprehensive forensic evaluations of criminal defendants.  My evaluations consist of a thorough interview and assessment of the client coupled with a review of relevant collateral data such as discovery, medical records,  psychiatric records, and other available records. 

Sex Offender Risk Evaluations

Assessment of an offender’s risk to commit a new sexual offense can provide the court with important information when deciding sentencing issues. I have completed hundreds of evaluations of risk for sex offenders and violent offenders, using a combination of relevant data and actuarial measures coupled with the most recent up-to-date research. These evaluations have been used in sentencing mitigation and civil commitment proceedings.

Competency to Proceed To Trial Evaluations

In these evaluations I pull together the available data on the client to determine his or her current level of functioning and how that influences the client’s capacity to stand trial. I am able to examine the impact of mental illness, developmental disabilities, and other factors that can impair a client’s capacity to understand the legal proceedings and assist in his or her own defense.

Mental State at the Time of the Criminal Offense Evaluations

In these evaluations I review the available information including police reports, body camera video, interrogation recordings, interviews with the defendant, and mental health records to assess the defendant's current mental state and reconstruct their mental state from the time of the alleged criminal offense. I integrate the available information and provide a cogent analysis to address whether a mental disease or defect interfered with the defendants ability to “appreciate the nature, quality, or wrongfulness” of their alleged criminal behavior.

Mitigating Factors

In many cases it is important to present information to the court regarding mitigating factors that may have influenced the defendants actions during the course of the alleged crime. These factors can help influence sentencing issues. I can bring to bear a comprehensive analysis of the defendant's historical mental health issues coupled with their current functioning.